July 3, 2019

Ways to Re-arrange your Garden

Reforming home both in space and outer space is an interesting activity.
The addition of hardware elements on the page, such as garden lights, fountains, fish ponds, pots of pottery and natural stones, if combined with soft elements (plants) will make the home page feel more comfortable.

Living in a tropical country like Indonesia, there are many different types of plants, from shrubs to plant crops of types of plants without flowers to plants with flowers are very beautiful, so confused choose a suitable for planting in the yard.

There is an easy way to choose plants that will be used in the yard, which is based on flower color selection. For example, the chosen theme park with shades of color gradation from yellow to red.

So the plants that we choose are a plant that has flowers yellow, orange and red. Plant yellow flowers such as tree nuts can be used as a ground cover that works the same as grass, or plant iris with yellow flowers are very nice when planted on the edge of natural stone wall affixed to black.

Types of Flowers to Add to Your Garden

Heliconia flower is a plant that has a choice of flower color of yellow, orange and red, or a combination of yellow and red. The red or yellow flowering frangipani trees or red can be used as shade trees. Or use a choice of colors from pink to purple shades.

Plants can also be used that are not flowering plants, but these plants have leaves that color, choose the color of leaves that match the selected theme color gradations. The selection of shades of color with this theme so that more has a variety of colors in the garden so it is more alive and not boring.

The main thing about backyard garden arrangement is to select plants that fit with the climate and yard space and style of the house, because the main purpose of the arrangement of the park is to make our environment green and indirectly reduce global warming.

Adding a Teak Bench to Your Garden

The Teak garden benches are the ideal choice for outdoor fun. Place the center of your garden or on the sides, this type of furniture is the perfect place to relax and enjoy your garden. Teak is ideal for outdoor activities, it is natural that wood is durable. It is weather proof, such as wind, snow, rain, sun and hail, which are ideal for a foreign bank. 

Outdoor benches have its roots in South Asia, with large plantations in Indonesia. The timber industry plays an important role in the economy teak from Indonesia.

Therefore, great care must be ensured that if a tree falls in a tree is planted teak pieces in place. Teak is aesthetically pleasing in a beautiful garden. He invites you to stay here and look as a freestanding piece of furniture well in a non-garden.

However, the performance by the addition of cushions was improved. It is not only Benches are also invited, if you want to relax in your garden. If you have a large family to accommodate an extra seat for groups of outdoor furniture, if you buy a wooden bench, it is now important for the bank to a reputable manufacturer. Take measures, the bank is made of real wood materials to ensure quality and receiving a garden bench.

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