June 12, 2019

Organic Summer Garden Tips

As the weather gets warmer, a lot of us will be hoping to spend longer time in our garden; preferably with a bit of sun. Preparing your garden for the summer takes a variety of forms, from planting borders, painting furniture, and for the more adventurous, investing in some tree house furniture.

You Don’t Want to Judge a Book by its Cover

To get the ball rolling and give your house an added bit of curb appeal, it is always beneficial to give your front door a fresh coat of paint. If you live in an urban area, try and select a darker hue rather than choosing neutral tones. The high volume of traffic passing by your house is likely to spread dirt onto your door, which is all the more noticeable having put the time and effort into painting it.

Now you have repainted the front door, it would be a shame not to highlight the effort you have gone to. Adding hanging baskets either side of it adds an instant splash of color, without too much effort. Whilst you are looking at the exterior, it may be worthwhile to look at the garden path and any flagstones. If you have a period property, seek out tiles of that era that can be transformed into a garden path.

This gives the home a unique talking point and looks pretty good too! Replacing paving stones and flagstones which are a bit worse for wear means you are greeted with a nice path when you come home from work and should you decide to sell, prospective buyers are given a good first impression.

Time for a Garden Spring Clean

Before you begin, get rid of any weeds. Firstly, employ a rake and a brush to clear out any debris that has built up over the winter months. Then, use your handy trowel to eradicate weeds, with a hoe useful for the larger offenders.

If the area has an abundance of weeds, a natural weed killer is easily employed. (remember, organic gardening friendly) For natural weed control, see a great, homemade recipe. Now it is time to get your creative juices flowing and select vivid, fun plants. For those who are not as green-fingered, ready-made borders are available. Simply choose the correct size and install in your garden after a bit of digging.

When you have cultivated your borders to perfection, make sure they look just as good in the dark by installing outdoor lighting. This also provides a good excuse to have a dinner party outside and adds a practical edge too in the form of deterring burglars. If you are worried about cost, it may be worth looking at solar-powered alternatives, which are just as stylish and even more environmentally friendly.

Here Comes the Sun

Entertaining is a big part of an outdoor summer. If you are working with a small garden and are not quite ready to branch out into tree house furniture, select a tasteful garden bench. If you do not have the room for chairs and a table, it provides an area for guests to sit, chat and admire your new flowers.

Cross-purpose furniture is also available. Look out for planters which double up as benches and dining tables with ample storage room hiding within their depths. For those working with a particularly small space, it is a good idea to focus on one corner or area. Adding lights, benches and potted plants transforms the area from feeling confined to cozy.

If you do not have space for hanging lights on the wall, simply place lanterns on flagged paving stones. When all this has been completed there is only one thing left to do; get a deckchair out, sit back, relax and enjoy the summer sun and your beautiful garden area.

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