What Makes Christmas in St. Paul, Minnesota Exciting?

Come winter, St. Paul prepares for one of the biggest events of the year: Christmas. If you’re a resident, it’s time to get yourself ready to welcome the season with open arms.

Here are the best reasons to look forward to Christmas in St. Paul:

1. Lights, Glorious Lights

The Phalen Park becomes even more alive with several colored lights decked out throughout the season and all the way through January. But it’s not only public and commercial spaces that spend money and time for lighting. Residents here do that too.

One of the best ways to usher the spirit of Christmas in your home is to set up lights, yet it’s best if you don’t do it alone. Ask help for your residential Christmas light installation. The more complex your design or layout is, the more you become prone to problems if you do it yourself.

2. Winter Wonderland

True, it can get cold in St. Paul (and the rest of Minnesota). Snow is also a staple. But it makes the city more glistening and suitable for the Christmas feels! The lights adorning the buildings and homes provide a beautiful contrast to the whiteness of the surroundings.

3. European Night at the Market

Europeans and St. Paul have a long history. Lucien Galtier, the first Catholic pastor in the area who also built a chapel and named it after his favorite saint Paul, came from southern France. Most of the residents also have European heritage.

Today the relationship lives on with the European Night Market during Christmas where visitors can try spiced mulled wine and European food, as well as buy trinkets, souvenirs, and other items. Most of all, it’s your quickest route to Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Isn’t Christmas in St. Paul something else? Make sure you can plan your activities and decors ahead, so you can spend more time relaxing and not rushing when the holiday comes.