Ski Boots 101: 3 Features for Extra Comfort

skiing gear

Skiing is good for your health, but you must always make sure that you have the proper safety gear when you’re out for your ski sessions. For one, it’s crucial that you know how to improve the comfort of your Tecnica Mach1 130 ski boots. The Pedigree Ski Shop shares the following tips:

Heat Up the Liner

Ski boots come with liners that aid in your braking process after heat molding. Heat molding involves using warm air for heating the liner. Once you wear your boots, after a few minutes of this warm air application, the liner begins to gel up to take your foot’s shape. Typically, the heat-molded liner will contour to the shape of your foot around the forefoot, ankle, and heel region.

Extra Foot Bed

Although most boots come with a foot bed, it’s not enough to support your arch. You could use additional support from an extra foot bed. That will help align your foot well while allowing extra space to ensure you remain stable, safe, and warm.

Boot Heaters

A warm boot helps you ski more comfortably and longer. That is the reason most boots come with insulation to shield your feet from the excess cold, especially when the temperatures are at the lowest. You, however, can choose to get boot heaters for extra warmth during the cold season. The heater sticks to the foot bed, and the wires run through the boot’s liner, which connects to the battery on the strap of the boot.

Having the right fit of your boots is not enough for safety when skiing if they don’t feel comfortable when you put them on. The next time you go shopping for ski boots, check for the above features to enhance your comfort and safety.