Back to School: How Parents and Children Can Thrive

Family at a beach

Like many other families, you and your children may have taken advantage of the long holiday season by enjoying activities for the school holiday or travelling. With the coming of 2018 and a new school year, however, all the revelry has come to an end.

You and your child may be having a hard time getting back to the usual grind of school, but you can better cope with the management practices below.

Take Care of Yourself

Parents have a long list of tasks to support their children in school. Without proper time management, you can easily be overwhelmed by your chores, not to mention your job to attend to.

Your stress can carry over to your children, who usually mirror their parents’ emotional states. The better you deal with your stress and take care of yourself, the less your child can feel stress in school too.

Show Empathy and Set Vacation Plans

Aside from taking care of yourself, you also have to show empathy to your children. When your child knows that you feel the difficulty of the transition, your child may feel comforted. You can even give your child something to look forward to.

A trip to Sentosa and enjoying future school holiday events and activities will surely encourage your child to take school seriously. School holidays in the future lie between March 10 and March 18 for the gap between Term 1 and 2.

The break between Semester 1 and 2 lies between May 26 and June 24, while the term break between Term 3 and 4, finally, lies between September 1 and 9.

Hands-On Help

When stress continues to weigh heavily on your child’s shoulders, offer your support. You can guide your child in school assignments, or spark his or her problem-solving skills by asking questions that can lead your child to the answer or solution.

Basically, you can strive to be the best parent you can be, as you always have in the past, to make your child move on from a vacation mindset to a school mindset.