Ways to Take Advantage of Vertical Search

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You might already know what general search is, but now, the new kid on the block is vertical search. Simply put, it is a search engine for specific niches and content. Knowing how to take advantage of this platform enables you to make conversions at a higher rate.

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts in Utah cite the following ways you can leverage vertical search to achieve your objectives.

Understanding Consumer Behavior

A user responds differently to stimuli (videos or images) whenever they browse a website or use a search engine. For example, Pinterest is a vertical search engine where pictures are front and center.

The more attractive or informative a photo is, the likelier a person will click on it and want to learn more about it. Knowing the ‘why’ behind their actions allows you to focus your marketing that will increase the likelihood of conversion or at least an action you want them to take.

Are they looking for the latest fashion trends or a particular destination to add to their bucket list? The answer to this will allow you to gain an advantage.

Cohesive Marketing Strategy

You might have more options because of the rise of vertical search engines, but you’ll still need to create a cohesive branding message across platforms.

The messaging for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and others must be similar to make potential and current customers know who you are and what your value proposition is.

Customized Content

The information, type, and scope of the content you publish produce different effects and elicit certain actions, depending on the vertical search engine you use.

Customization is the ideal approach to get the results you want. This is when understanding your brand identity, and the behavior of your target market becomes important.

The vertical search engine is here to stay, adapting your approach enables you to gain a competitive advantage and understand the needs and wants of your target market. These strategies mentioned above are just a few of the ones you can implement to utilize this platform effectively.