Why You Would Love a Full Body Exfoliation

Woman wrapped in a green towel

It is relatively common to exfoliate your face to avoid build-up from makeup and get rid of dead cells to keep your skin glowing. But have you ever stopped to think about extending this beauty therapy to the rest of your body? If you haven’t considered a full body exfoliation, here is a quick rundown of how it works and its benefits.

How does body exfoliation work

Just like your face, your body has dead skin cells that are usually less sensitive than your face’s skin. By using different methods, the skin is softened, and the dead skin is scrubbed away.

To exfoliate your body, beauty spas like Breathe Salon Spa use a wide range of ingredients from tasty treats like crushed almonds, sugar, and coffee to exotic ones like volcanic ash, and even minerals like gold and pearl dust.

The process mostly begins by dampening the skin and gently rubbing the exfoliant onto your body, usually with the help of an aromatic liquid or oil to help it cover your skin.

Steam or warm towels could also be used to help open the pores and soften the dead skin cells and build-up to be easily removed. The process isn’t fixed for every spa since there are various innovations in beauty treatment.

Exfoliation removes dead cells

When you exfoliate your whole body, you remove the dead cells in your elbows, back and other areas of encouraging new cells to develop. Exfoliation doesn’t damage the skin; rather, it promotes the body’s blood circulation.

Exfoliation cleans your pores

With regular exfoliation, your body’s skin would feel smoother and softer. This happens because you clear your pores of anything clogging them, which also makes moisturising more effective. Exfoliating gives your skin a healthy glow.

It makes waxing and shaving easier

Exfoliating could also help prevent ingrown hair. This also softens the hair, making it easier to remove and even less painful to remove with waxing. If you prefer shaving, it could help smooth out razor bumps. Other benefits include lymphatic drainage stimulation and blood circulation boosting, which cleanses your skin from the inside. On top of that, exfoliating could also boost your skin’s collagen synthesis!

Plan your next trip to the spa and enjoy a relaxing beauty therapy that’ll leave your whole skin smooth, rejuvenated and glowing.