Why an Eternity Ring is a Fitting Gift for a Milestone in a Woman’s Life

Couple celebrating anniversary on a candlelight dinner

Women expect to receive an eternity ring during a special occasion. This can be after the birth of their firstborn or on their 10th wedding anniversary, whichever comes first. If you are in search of the perfect gift for your woman as you celebrate a milestone in your lives, it is easy to find diamond eternity rings in Hatton Garden jewellery stores.

The Eternal Symbol

A ring symbolizes a bond that goes round and round, infinite and never-ending. In the same manner, an eternity ring doubles its symbolism with stones set on it. A regular ring only has a stone or a set of stones set on top of the ring. The stones of an eternity ring, however, are set all around the band. This requires care and craftsmanship in making the ring.

The ring itself is more expensive than a regular ring because of all its stones. Typically, the band is made of gold or platinum. Even the thinnest eternity stones are thicker and more expensive than regular rings.

Due to the number of stones and their location, eternity rings seldom use claws for the stone’s settings. Instead, the stones are offset and look embossed as they are inlaid in the band. This adds to the thickness of the ring. There are designs that have larger stones or even have a double row of stones, which need wider bands.

The Occasion

Eternity stones are given on important occasions in a woman’s life. Although eternity rings are given after the birth of a firstborn child, there are some who receive a ring after every child. There are also instances when the eternity ring is given after signing the wedding registry. Additionally, some commemorate their 10th anniversary, as well as every decade thereafter with an eternity ring.

Eternity rings mark important milestones in a woman’s life. This signifies the love of a husband to her wife, especially on those significant occasions.