Wedding Planning: Manage Excitement and Stress in These Areas

Wedding event sign

Planning a wedding is equal parts exciting and stressful. It is important that you keep that balance. Too much excitement may mean you forget important details, whilst too much stress may take the fun out of planning your own wedding.

Particularly when it comes to the following aspects, do keep a balanced mindset when making decisions:

Wedding Reception

Of course, you want the reception to be beautiful–unique, even. There are plenty of unusual wedding venues like in Cornwall; your task is to find a location that fits the number of people who will attend. It should also be convenient for certain parts of the reception, particularly if you invited a live band or have planned for games to entertain your guests as they eat. Weddings also tend to go on as long as someone is having fun, so you might want to consider the transportation options for attendees.

Seating Arrangement

You might feel like this can be stressful more than fun, especially if you are keeping certain people away from each other. Start with the people who must be seated together, then intersperse them with people who can sit anywhere. Big families would want to talk, but individual members are better at arm’s length of each other. More importantly, check that everyone is included in the seating chart–they might take it the wrong way if you forget their name.

Wedding Theme

As the person who will get married, you have full control over what you want the wedding to look like. Go ahead and choose a crazy theme if you want to. If you are a fan of a certain series or even Disney characters, your theme can be inspired by them. You can also go for popular themes, such as rustic or fairytale themes. Don’t let the trends determine your wedding theme, however. It should be something you want, so you will not have any regrets when you look back at your wedding photos.

You are looking forward to your wedding because it symbolises the beginning of a lifelong journey with your spouse. Do not let the excitement make you forget about important factors.