Three Ideas to Make Your Office Employees More Productive

People who work in an office spend more than eight hours in it. The renewed interest in how an office should be designed has a lot to do with this fact. Without taking into account the human factor, an office can quickly become an unhealthy box where turnovers and sick days are typical.

Here are some ideas on how to make your office spaces healthier, happier, and more inspiring.

Take Advantage of Summer Light

During winter, everything seems gray and dark and depressing, so don’t hesitate to make use of the bright summer days. Use sheer window treatments to let lots of light in. Position desks next to windows. Use white and light colors for the walls.

Don’t Use Just Any Form of Lighting

Artificial lighting is your only choice if your office doesn’t get enough natural light, the winter casts a depressing mood, or if people are still working after 5. Most people only see lighting as a way to see where they’re going and what they’re doing, but when it comes to lighting at work, you should also take into account how the illumination (of lack thereof) affects people. Type, color, the degree of brightness, etc. – these all combine to set the mood. Talk to a reputable company offering commercial lighting in Tampa, FL to make sure your office has the right kind of lighting for people and not just for tasks.

Mind the Noise

Some offices are just inherently quiet, such as an office where only writers and editors work. But most offices are loud: chit-chat, heels on wooden floors, the occasional laughter, someone speaking to a friend or a client over the phone, etc. Make sure your office does not echo. Professionals can help you with acoustics, but you can also tone down the echo by placing carpets, bookshelves, and other echo-absorbing materials around. As for your employees, you can encourage them to bring headphones to block out the distractions with white noise or music.

Making your office more inspiring for work and less for distractions or sleeping can help your employees become more productive. It may also keep them relaxed and less prone to sickness. Follow these ideas and come up with more of your own to help keep your employees on track.