The Talk: 3 Conversations You Need before Getting Married

man making marriage proposalThe romance in the air makes most people think about their own relationships and how it’s so good of a feeling just to be wrapped in romance. Remember though that marriage isn’t just about the fluttery feelings and butterflies in the stomach. It’s about commitment to love for a lifetime. So, before getting on your knees and popping the question, make sure you’ve had these important talks first with your partner:


Of course. But a lot of people are scared to bring up this talk, probably because it might come off as moving too fast or going too strong. This is the reason most relationship gurus recommend spending at least a year together before thinking about marriage. That’s just an estimate, assuming that by that time, you already know your partner well enough—their personality and values, which would allow you to gauge if it’s okay to bring up the marriage talk.

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This< is the top cause of many couple fights later into the marriage. And as you know, it’s the number one reason for most divorce cases. So, before getting married, it’s important to know how you’ll handle money. There’s a lot of tricky things to address here: where you’re going to put finances, should you stay in your careers or put up a business, how you’re going to save, etc.

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Or, kids. Almost all your life would be about children later on in marriage—or it might not be. It’s important to sit down and ask your partner whether they do or don’t want children. Be honest with them as well. Navigate conversations such as, “would you be okay with adoption?” or “how should we discipline kids?” These topics may be difficult to talk about, but necessary.

You don’t need to agree with everything on these conversations. The important thing is you know where your partner stands on matters. And if where they stand doesn’t change your decision to marry them, then go ahead, get that ring, and ask them for a lifetime commitment.