Preparations for an Organised Pre-School Field Trip

children on a field trip

Field trips enrich children’s learning experiences with hands-on interaction and immersive surroundings. They are a welcome break from the routine of school life and add realism in lessons and topics discussed in the classroom.

However, field trips require meticulous planning apart from selecting a destination and preparing study materials leading towards the day of the trip. Here are some organisational preparations to keep in mind for a smooth and memorable field trip.

Recruit Additional Supervision

Field trips require extra sets of hands and eyes to keep everyone together and away from harm. This is even more so for field trips involving small children. Recruit other teachers and invite parents as chaperones to accompany the children. Decide on a smaller child – chaperone ratio to ensure everyone is looked after and no one gets lost. On the day of the trip, take attendance meticulously and select chaperones to be assigned with the first aid kits to treat any minor injuries if it should arise.

Map out Logistics

Decide on a strategy to transport everyone from school to the destination and back. The most organised transport strategy is to keep everybody together in a bus. Also plan out how the children will take snacks or lunches. Inquire if the destination has a cafeteria that can accommodate the participants.

If not, inquire if they have space where children can eat their snacks. In the event that there is no space for children to enjoy their snacks, just plan to eat on the go inside the bus going to or from the destination. Instruct parents to pack in easy-to-eat lunches or snacks for the day.

Prepare Additional Organisational Details

Prepare additional details that can help keep children organised. Assign colour-coded T-shirts to wear on field trip day to help children and chaperone identify groups they belong to. Plan a classroom activity where children can write down important safety and emergency details needed for the trip.

Consider custom-printed lanyards with plastic pouches where you can insert the details. Prepare a directory of all the chaperone’s mobile phone numbers and important contact details that may come in handy and distribute to each chaperone. Print out a detailed itinerary sheet with the specific time and schedules and cascade them to the chaperones.

By keeping these organisational tips in mind, you can expect to have a hassle-free day outside of school premises to enrich the learning experience of every child in a safe and well-planned manner.