How to Cope with the News of Terminal Illness

People react differently to the news of having a terminal illness. Some may feel shocked, terrified, sad, disappointed, or even strangely calm as they learn about their condition. It’s not an easy thing to experience.

In the same way, people deal with it in their own ways as well. Whether you are facing such a challenge as an individual or with your family, shares some important points to keep in mind:

Seek help as needed.

As someone with a serious health condition, do not be embarrassed to seek help from immediate family members, relatives, or friends when necessary. Let them know what specific kind of help you need (such as accompanying you to the hospital), so they have an idea.

Ask your doctor about available support.

Next, make sure to ask your doctor about what type of support is available. He or she may know local support sources in your area that could give you more information about your illness or even financial assistance you can possibly tap. It’s also a good idea to check out support groups and counseling.

Talk with someone often.

Having someone to talk to is very important. Find a person you are comfortable with so you can share with him or her what’s on your mind—your hopes and fears, your challenges and your victories. That individual can be your spouse, friend, doctor, or even a religious minister.

Take time for yourself.

As occasion permits, take time for yourself, too. Do things you enjoy to relax your mind. You can even learn a new skill or develop a new hobby. These simple things can add quality to your life and could be a good way to stay positive, happy, and busy.

You might also want to look up grief support homes in your area. They can be a valuable support system for you as you deal with your life-limiting condition.