Here’s How Cool Temperatures Give You Good-Looking Skin

Girl with youthful skin

Although cool temperatures are often associated with dry hands and chapped lips, there are actually science-backed ways coldness benefits the skin. In fact, if you embrace the chilly temperature, you might just see the difference and consider “adding” it to your skincare routine. Here are the ways the cool makes your skin good:

It reduces clogs on the pores

According to health experts, cooler temperatures keep the pores from producing excess oil. It then reduces the likelihood of acne breakouts. What’s more, you see less of the pores, as the low temperatures tighten them up. The opposite happens when you’re under the summer heat. You sweat more, and your body works harder to produce sebum, which leads to pimples.

So, during the summer, keep yourself cool. If you can stay indoors, better. Turn your cooling unit on, but make sure to get HVAC repair specialists in Knoxville, TN to check your unit for leaks or weird noises. Your equipment may be blowing dirty air, which as you know, would be the least ideal ingredient on your skincare routine.

It makes you sleep better

Lack of sleep is one of the leading causes of bad skin. When you don’t get enough sleep, the stress hormone called cortisol increases in the body, worsening inflammation. There’s also less collagen formed, which leads to wrinkles. What cool temperature does is it lulls you better to sleep. When you set your thermostat to a lower temperature, you’re in a way helping your body get into a sleep mode.

Plus, sleeping in the cold can give you anti-aging benefits. Experts say that a temperature between 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit prompts the production of melatonin, a hormone that slows down the effects of aging.

It prevents puffiness

Puffy eyes develop when the tissues in the eyes swell, as a result of the mucus membranes in the eyeball getting dried out by the heat. You can prevent this by staying in cooler environments. Low temperatures can reduce inflammation. Of course, puffy eyes can also be caused by sleep deprivation. As mentioned, the cold can help in making you fall asleep faster, but more than that, it can also keep you from waking up in the middle of the night.
Cool temperatures may just be the missing piece in your skincare routine. Set your thermostat to a low, embrace the cold, and let your skin glow.