For Men: Cheat Sheet of Ladies’ Dream Engagement Proposals

Romantic dinner with red motiff

Every girl dreams of two momentous events in her life: when her soul mate proposes to her and when she finally gets to walk down the aisle.

She most likely has a grand scene in her mind where her fiancé-to-be would kneel and pop the question with a beautiful moissanite engagement ring. The least you can do as her future husband is to make her dreams come true, right?

Here is a cheat sheet you can follow for your future wife’s dream engagement proposal:

Get Her Parents’ Blessing

Perhaps the most important part of getting married is asking for her parents’ blessing. This might sound like an old-fashioned tradition, but many women think this nice gesture is essential, as it would score points with their parents. If you’re nervous about asking her parents, here are a few tips:

Choose the Perfect Location

The place you choose for that moment will make or break her mood. For instance, if you’re considering asking the restaurant to bury the ring in a mushy dessert, then better think twice. The majority of women don’t want their men proposing to them in a restaurant. Instead, the top three ideal spots that girls want you to propose are: at a local landmark, the location of your first date, and a holiday destination. You may also browse online for other ideal locations.

Surprise Her

As mentioned earlier, your girlfriend might already have her dream proposal in mind. You can ask help from her best friend as she might have an idea what it is. If not, you’ll just have to do your own research. As tempting as it is to involve her, that might not be a good idea because most girls love surprises. Besides, this is the only way to get her real reaction when you ask her to marry you.

Now, you probably know what your girl wants on that special day. After all, you’re going to marry the love of your life and you’ll surely know what will make her happy and say “yes”.