Five Tips for Planning a DIY Wedding

Newly weds kissing inside the marquee

Your big day has finally been set, and you’re already anxious about the idea of planning it yourselves. DIY weddings have been the best choice for many couples who want to be in total control of their wedding while making the day extra special. If you’re looking for ways to make the process smoother, here are some tips to help you:

1. Make a Plan

Hopefully, the date you’ve set is not in a few weeks because planning is essential to a smooth DIY wedding. Without a wedding planner, you will need more time to get in touch with suppliers and venues like Sweet Love Wedding Chapel. Nevertheless, worry not! DIY wedding planning will put a personal touch on each part of the process.

2. Set a Budget

Before spending anything, set a budget first. Doing so will influence many of the decisions that you make during your preparations. Set a realistic budget that doesn’t dig too deep into your bank account. Don’t stretch it too far! Having a clear plan and direction for your wedding helps when determining how much you’re willing to spend. These two go hand in hand.

3. Involve Your Closest Friends

On your special day, your closest friends and family surely want to get involved. Get them involved early on! Take advantage of the collective wisdom of your inner circle when it comes to fielding recommendations for suppliers and anything you might need. You will learn fast whose ideas to trust. It also helps if you have someone who has event planning skills.

4. Keep the Food Simple

One of the most significant expenses for a wedding is the food. A good tip for DIY weddings is not to set the reception time on a full blast meal. Consider an afternoon wedding or a morning ceremony. A brunch or mid-afternoon feast is easier to plan than a full-on dinner service. Getting a catering service and wanting to put your personal touch on each portion of the dinner can be a disaster. However, keeping it simple with smaller meals can be a delight.

5. Don’t DIY the Photos

If there’s something that you want the professionals to handle, it’s the photos. No matter how stressful the day is or how many things don’t go as planned, experienced wedding photographers know how to take pictures that cement memories and last a lifetime. Get a pro!

These five tips should guide you in the early stages of planning your DIY wedding. It’s a unique endeavor that will make you and your partner closer, so cherish it. Best wishes!