3 Places to Go on a Break in Your Transportable Cabin

Cabin in the Woods

The daily grind can wear anyone down. If you are feeling the need to take a break and recharge, you do not need to spend an arm and leg on renting or buying a summer cabin.

Consider getting a transportable cabin. They are just as comfortable with the bonus of, yes you guessed it, being transportable. Here are a few places to bring your portable vacation home:

The woods

Don’t let horror movies scare you. There is nothing like taking a short break in a cabin amidst nature. The weather is usually refreshing, and you get to wake up to the sound of nature rather than the noise of the big city. Who knows, you might even awaken your artist’s soul and be inspired to do a bit of writing or painting.

The sea

There is nothing like the deep blue to cure your doldrums. Take to the sea and breathe in the ocean breeze. Dive in and let the waves wash away your cares. Go home to your own (mobile) place at the end of an exciting day and be lulled to sleep by the sound of the sea.

If sand and saltwater are not your cup of tea, hie yourself to the lake. Let the fresh water refresh you physically and mentally or find out if you have a talent for fishing.

National parks

National parks are generally popular destinations for vacationers. So, if you want to take a break and enjoy natural wonders without completely cutting yourself off from the rest of the world, this is your best option. Be one with nature and meet others like you who are just looking to get a little mental, physical and spiritual boost. Maybe even share couple of drink with your new friends in your transportable home.

Everyone feels the need to take a break and get away once in a while to recharge. A short stay in your cabin close to nature is more than enough.