2 Great Tips to Prolong the Life of Your RV

RV Trailer

Camping is a huge activity in the United States. According to American Camp Association, camping is a billion-dollar industry. At least 14 million people, including children, attend camp annually. Meanwhile, summer is one of the best times to head to park grounds, mountains, and beaches to escape the heat.

Although camping is mostly about tents, it’s also about the motorhomes, which are ideal for families with children. Because these vehicles are not cheap, you need to make sure it’s well taken care of so it’s ready for use when the summer season rolls in:

1. Check for signs of water damage.

Water is one of the biggest enemies of RVs and motorhomes. Worse, it can get very sneaky and can find many ways to get inside. It can take advantage of even the smallest cracks, gaps, splits, and holes in any part of the vehicle. Once it is in, it can wreak havoc to the entire vehicle that sometimes you have no choice but to declare it as scrap.

Checking for water damage should already be routine. One, find any signs of water leaks like damp walls and boards. Check for holes in the roofs and see to it sealants are holding themselves well. Double-check moist-like environments like the bathroom and kitchen.

2. Store your RV properly.

When your RV is not in use, it’s best to keep it in a place where it’s safe and protected from natural elements such as the UV rays that can damage the exterior or rain that can lead to leaks. Many owners prefer to keep their vehicles in their garage, but if you have a large motorhome, you need an RV storage facility, which can be indoor or outdoor. Some of these can provide you with insurance, accessibility, and security features to ensure your RV is safe at all times.

Have one less thing to worry about during summer. Get your RV ready for camping with these two simple but effective tips.