All about HALT and HASS Testing

Phone Prototype Being Tested

Manufacturers have many testing methods to make sure that their products are near perfect without any defects. Companies like Qualmark Corporation offer many reliable tests can help find and rectify defects, and prevent them from turning into expensive issues and recalls in the field.

Popular Stress Test

Of the many tests that are available, the HALT and HASS testing are very popular. Highly Accelerated Stress Test or Screen is HASS, and Highly Accelerated life test is HALT. These are unique product reliability testing procedures that focus on ensuring that the products manufactured can perform their functions properly.

Unique and Accelerated

HASS and HALT testing methods are considered unique as they are very different from the conventional testing procedures. The verification testing here is different, and so are the goals, results, and stresses for these tests.

These tests are said to be accelerated because these tests can reveal failures in the products in a very short time, as compared to conventional methods, which takes more than a couple of weeks or even months.

These tests are a better method to ensure product reliability and increased profits. Customer satisfaction is also ensured as there are virtually no quality issues with your products if they pass these tests.

Accelerated Stress Testing

Both these methods of testing are collectively called accelerated stress testing. True to the name, the tests subject the products you manufacture to several stress tests. This is effective in forcing the products to reveal any defects or weak links due to the accelerating fatigue they are subjected.

Unlike other testing methods, these tests require special equipment to render the specified stress, vibrations, and thermal conditions. The tests are structured to drive out the latent defects and failures. If any weakness is revealed, they can be corrected to ensure that the final products are near perfect.

Reliability testing in this manner ensures that the products meet all the stringent standards and high expectations of the customers.