Why Bountiful is One of the Best Suburbs in Utah

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Bountiful is among the best suburbs to live in Utah, according to Movoto. This city offers not only rich culture and arts, and a wide array of dining and shopping experiences, but also beautiful nature that anyone can enjoy.

Scenic nature

This is definitely first on the list of reasons you should make Bountiful your next home. Residents and tourists alike can enjoy the view of majestic mountains and valleys here. Do not ignore the modern townhouses and mid-century ranch style homes ready for grab for potential buyers. Plus, you can enjoy mountain biking trails and fulfilling hiking trails for nature lovers.

Safe drinking water

One of the things the residents here are proud of is their finest soft water. The water softener Bountiful residents use comes from trusted purifier experts, providing everyone with clean and healthy drinking water.

Low crime rate

One of the biggest concerns of many families is the crime rate of the location they are planning to move to. Aside from having a low crime rate, Bountiful also has a good police force that keeps the neighborhood safe for everyone. This makes the city the right place to grow a family.


Do not underestimate suburbs and its quiet life. The community events are pretty much enjoyed by the locals and travelers. Recreation is always great in Bountiful. You can also check your artistic side at the Davis Art Center.

Moreover, it has a close proximity to downtown Salt Lake City. This outskirt is well stocked with lots of good stores, recreational centers, malls, amusement parks and even gyms that are only around 15 minutes away from home.