Typical Causes of Common Refrigerator Issues

A refrigerator is an essential appliance in most homes. It is also a machine most people barely pay attention to until it breaks down. The fridge is made of multiple components and most of the time, diagnosing a problem is difficult.

Instead of fiddling with your fridge and causing even more damage, it is prudent to call a fridge repair specialist in Salt Lake City to diagnose the issue and deal with it appropriately. It helps to be armed with necessary information on what might have gone wrong.

Here are some of the common causes of typical fridge issues.

Fridges Not Cooling Properly

The most common cause of this problem is a dirty condenser. The condenser disperses heat within your refrigerator and should be regularly cleaned to stay in good working condition. Fridges that are not cooling properly might also indicate defective evaporative or condenser fan motors. Damage to the fridge’s start relay located near your compressor is also a common cause of inefficient cooling.

Over Freezing Fridges

Over freezing refrigerators are common outcomes of faulty thermostats. Defective thermistors and temperature control boards might also cause the problem. The thermistor monitors the temperature in your fridge while the temperature control boards regulate the voltage of your fan motors and compressor.

Non-Functioning Water Dispensers

These typically result from frozen water trapped in the supply tube. The water dispenser does not also work under low pressure. This is because the water inlet control device is created to operate at a pressure not less than 20psi. Clogged and dirty water filters are also common causes of non-functioning water dispensers.

If you find your refrigerator is unusually too loud, this might indicate an issue with your fan blade. The blades can get noisy if they encounter any obstructions. Failure in the condenser fan’s bearings or motor can also cause the loud noise.