Types of Loose-Fill Roofing Insulation

a man checking the roof

Getting roof insulation that extends its durability is essential. Other than this factor, you also need an insulation option that meets your property’s thermal needs and fits in with the roof’s structural deck and membrane. There are different roof insulation categories including blanket, insulating concrete blocks, loose-fill and foam board.

Loose fill is one of the best options for optimal insulated roofing for Brisbane properties. It is poured in then blown up using specialised equipment and is the best fit for irregularly shaped roof areas.

Here are the options available for roofing loose-fill insulation.


This is created primarily from recycled newsprint and card boxes that have added chemicals to enhance its fire and insect-resistance. The cellulose is pulverised and shredded into small particles then tightly packed into a roof’s cavity. The primary drawback of cellulose is it absorbs water and can hence not be used in leaky places.


This is made of molten glass which is spun before blowing it into fibres. The glass content in most fibreglass is 20-30%. Fibreglass is used for closed-cavity applications and open-blow application such as those in attic spaces. Compared to cellulose, fibreglass is more water-resistant and hence can be used in places prone to leaks.

Mineral Wool Insulation

There are two categories of mineral wool insulation including rock and slag wool. Rock wool consists of natural minerals such as diabase and basalt while slag wool is made from blast furnace slag. Mineral wool requires no additional chemical treatments since it is fire and pest-resistant. Like fibreglass, however, it can cause skin irritation in susceptible individuals.

When selecting from the above loose-fill insulation categories, their R-value will be among the most important determinants. Cellulose has an R-value of 2.2-3.8/inch; fibreglass has 2.2-2.7/inch while mineral wool has 3.0-3.3/inch. You are hence assured to get loose-fill roofing insulation to fit any requirement.