Two Ways to Keep Your Garage in Tiptop Shape

An open garage door of a house

Movies and TV shows have taught us that garages are an integral part of suburban homes and for good reasons. A garage can be a lot of things: a workshop, car park, or even a den. Whichever the case, your garage is an important part of your Auckland home.

Here are some tips to help you turn a dreary garage into one that works wonders for you and your family.

Take care of the new blacktop

Asphalt is a great material under most circumstances. Auckland Asphalt Repairs and other contractors recommend taking good care of new asphalt driveways. If the blacktop is new, it might be a bad idea to drive over it. Give the driveway some time to harden; otherwise, it might end up with unsightly marks, which would stay there for a long time.

This also applies when you repave your garage. Try to do this when your family is away on vacation, for instance. This way, you will not have people walking all over the freshly paved asphalt.

Go vertical

Let’s be honest: garages can fill up quickly. You may not notice it, but the odds and ends you bring from the nearby garage sale can clutter up the space. This may happen in increments, but before you know it, you suddenly have a mound of junk you do not know what to do with.

Aside from decluttering, one good way to save space is to use your walls – vertical space, you can call it. You can use a sturdy wooden pegboard, on which you can attach tools such as garden shears, mops, or even large objects such as lawnmowers.

This is a good way to maximise the space in your garage. Try to keep only the things you need. You got all the junk from a garage sale for a reason.