The Modern Hearth: Fireplaces as Space Dividers

Modern fire place

Modern homes become dull with their monotone hues and minimalist furniture. A modern fireplace brings back the warmth of yore that modern homes lack, even if you can control it with an app. But they aren’t modern because of their metal framing and environmentally friendly embers. They can become flexible when you think of them as more than a structure in your living room.

A fireplace that acts as a divider is an architectural trend that is very appealing. It’s an aesthetic choice that will add drama in what’s usually a part of your home that’s “just there.”

A New Twist to a Classic

There are many options when building a modern fireplace. Salt Lake’s Comfort Solutions says that your hearth project goes beyond functionality. If you’re an advocate for the environment, burning bio-ethanol gel won’t produce harmful byproducts.

So the hearth of the home can also reflect the life you want to live.

But nothing beats the diversity of a fireplace-divider. An aesthetic choice, and if it’s done well, it distributes heat in two areas of the home. You can’t say the same for a typical fireplace in the living room.

Some examples of doing fireplace-divider fusion can enhance the interior decor of your home, and even become a treat for the senses.

Letting Your Creativity Roam

It’s a dream come true if you’re having a custom fireplace built because you have a free rein on its design. You can take a look at a collection of home hearths that takes it to another level, creativity-wise. Don’t be afraid to use the same free styling in your fireplace-divider. If it’s going to be a showstopper, you might as well make it a unique piece.

It’s thrilling to have a fireplace that’s different from others. Your home won’t be like any home, and with a fireplace-divider, you can have two things at once. It’s a perfect marriage of form and function.