Say No to Herbicides: Alternative Ways to Remove Dandelions


Given the slightest opening, dandelion seeds will envelop the lawn and propagate. If you’re looking for an alternative to herbicides, which may be harmful to other plants and animals in the yard, consider some of the options available today.

Here are some ideas and tips from Greenside Landscaping

Pull and Kill

Experts in garden care agree that it’s best to implement lawn weed control. If you’re still thinking of about hiring professionals, then try to pull them out first. Weeding is not as easy as it seems, though. You will find that it is difficult to pull out the first clump of dandelion you see.

To save time and energy, water the yard first and then use a tool to dig and create openings in the soil. The purpose of this maneuver is to loosen the taproot. By prying up the plant with the tool using one hand and pulling out the weed using the other hand, you’ll be more successful in killing these garden pests.

Use dandelion greens for garnish

These broad leaf perennials may be pretty and annoying, but they are also nutritious. In fact, they have a full load of Vitamins A and C waiting to be used. They are rich in iron as well. Have you ever used dandelion root as a vegetable? They can be boiled and roasted, and the flowers as well. The leaves can be used as an alternative to spinach.

If you like the taste of chicory, use dandelion greens in salad preparations in the spring. Harvest the leaves before the flowers bloom if you want them to be tender.

The preventive approach

Most lawn experts argue that the best way to deal with dandelions is to prevent them from taking a hold in the yard. If there’s no place for the winged seeds to germinate and take root, there’s no chance you will have “dandelion problems” to address. It can be as easy as promoting lawn health with regular and proper mowing.

Lastly, you can prevent dandelion growth by keeping the lawn lush and full of healthy plants. If there are no bare spots, there is no way for the seeds to grow.