Renovating Your Pool? Apply the latest Trends in Pool Colors

From a light blue gel coat with a white shimmer to a green aquamarine coat, the color of your pool can make or break the aesthetics. With color alone, you can give your pool the impression of depth or shallowness. You can create an ocean-like environment or make your pool appear like a water jungle.

The best pool builders, such as Dolphin Pools & Spas in Utah, will let you make the color decisions for your pool. True, they can advise, but ultimately, they go with whatever you choose. It pays to know the color trends so that as you make your pool update, you can make better choices.

Green Pools

Traditionally, most pools were blue. Nowadays, you can have your pool painted with a green paint coat and not have it look like murky waters.

It can reflect the green appearing in its landscape. Fortunately, there are many shades of green, and so you will not be stuck with a shade you cannot stand.

Pool fencing with glass

Glass pool fencing has gained popularity for how sophisticated it makes the pool appear. The pool fencing blends with the landscape. Looking from one side, it seems as if the land goes on forever.

Additionally, glass, depending on the type used, causes subtle color reflections on the water giving you something else to look forward to besides the swim.

Dark reflection pools

In this case, instead of glass, contractors use a dark-colored material for pool fencing. It gives the pool an aura of mystery and elegance. Secondly, it reflects the pool, making the whole landscape appear like one big mass of water. This trend works well in a dimly lit area.

Not all trends will bode well for your swimming pool. Before deciding on a certain trend, it is always best to ensure that you see examples of pools that have adopted various trends and make a decision based on what you saw. A swimming pool is a huge investment; you have to get it right.