Refrigerator Maintenance Tasks to Ensure Optimum Performance

Your refrigerator is probably one of the most hardworking appliances in your home, as it literally runs every single second of every single day. This means that it deserves an ample TLC. Below are no-nonsense tips for keeping your refrigerator healthy and working at its best.


  • Make sure that all food containers are properly covered to prevent spillage and odours from seeping out.
  • Store an open box of baking soda in your refrigerator to absorb odours.

Every Month

  • Clear out the ice. Ice could easily absorb odours and form blocks inside the bins. To ensure that your ice is clean and loose, replace them at least once a month.

Every Three Months

  • Ensure that your refrigerator is levelled back to front and side-to-side. Otherwise, it won’t shut properly and could lead to condensation and strained motors.
  • Clean the condenser coils, which are located at the back and are responsible for condensing and cooling the refrigerant to release heat. Dirty coils stress the compressor and could rack up your energy bill.
  • Check the door gasket. Flimsy and filthy gaskets won’t hold the doors shut and put unwarranted stress on the motors. Use soapy water and let it dry completely when cleaning. If you notice that they’re already loose, appliance repair specialists in Wellington advises that the magnets embedded inside must either be remagnetised or replaced.
  • Vacuum the fan and coils with a brush attachment. You should also brush the sides and coils using a coil brush. If you have pets that shed, consider doing this monthly to avoid fur buildup.

Every Six Months

  • Clean the drip pan and drain the hole to get rid of condensation. Afterwards, clean mineral and food deposits and scrub the pan.
  • Replace your water filter to make sure that your ice and water is clean and to prevent leaks and clogs. Once your new filter is installed, let the water run through it for several minutes to eliminate carbon residue.

Done regularly, these simple maintenance tasks would help keep your hardworking refrigerator in tiptop condition and prolong its service life. You should also look at your refrigerator’s manual to check if you should do any other routine maintenance tasks recommended by the manufacturer for the specific model of your refrigerator.