Modern Family Photos: Natural and Real

grandparents showing children family photos

When going through family photos of a past event, you want to connect with the emotion elicited in the photos. Although modern phones have superior photography functions, it’s always better to invite photographers who specialize in family photography in Salt Lake City.

A great photographer understands how to use setting, light, body language and much more to capture emotions in a photo. Have a peek at how great photographers play around with different elements to convey emotions in a photo.

No More Smile and Say “Cheese”

A great photographer understands that to truly capture the true emotions, it’s best to catch the subject unaware. Asking someone to pose makes them too self-conscious, making the photo unnatural.

The best moments to capture photos in a family gathering is when they are busy cooking, talking, or playing, anything rather than asking them to pose for photos. Still, posing for photos has its place.

Using the Weather to Convey Emotions

Great photographers understand that although they can’t control the weather, they can use it to convey emotions images. Rainy weather, for instance, can help convey feelings of loneliness and dread.

If it’s a happy occasion on a rainy day, the photographer may choose to add some splash of color using props such as umbrellas to lighten the mood.

Fluffy clouds help convey a happy carefree emotion and so does sunshine. Don’t be surprised if your family photographer asks you to step outside for some shots, it’s never in vain.

Using Light to Convey Emotions

A photographer who wants to capture an ethereal, airy photograph will not take photos out in a dramatic storm. To elicit happy optimistic emotions, a great photographer will take photos in bright rather than in dim light.

Dark lighting has its place — photographers use it for moody portraits, somber documentary work or powerful landscapes. Dark lighting makes images appear mysterious, ominous or refined.

In a happy family function, your photographer will want to use bright light. For burial events, however, you’ll notice a change in the choice of lighting.

When people tell you they love certain photos, they are simply saying that they connect with those particular images. When hosting a family event, great photos are a heritage intergeneration will want to connect with. Photos are a great way to revisit family memories.