Maximize Your Waterfront Property with a Private Dock

private dock with boats

Owning a waterfront property is a dream come true for most people. After all, who can resist the opportunity for beautiful, private views that living by the water offers? Research also supports how proximity to bodies of water helps relieve stress, elevate mood, and improve the overall mental health of people. It makes sense, then, that property owners would build spaces where they can enjoy this luxury.

Here in Rockport, private boat docks and shore front decks are a popular addition with owners of waterfront residences. They don’t just use their private docks for their boats or other watercraft. Custom docks and decks provide residents with extra space for entertaining guests, storing supplies, or small living quarters.

Socialization and Entertainment

A private dock offers a lot of opportunities for socialization and entertainment. If you’re a fan of water activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, or fishing, having a dock provides easy access to pursue your hobbies.

Even if you don’t own a boat or other watercraft, a deck is still beneficial to your home. A wide, stable, and covered custom-made deck can be used to host guests. It provides the perfect venue for summer parties. Your guests will be able to enjoy the nice weather and get a beautiful, calming view of the water.

Storage and Living Space

Docks and boathouses can be customized to include a room either beside or above it. You can use the added room as a storage space for fishing gear, water sports equipment, and other supplies.

The addition of comfortable chairs, a fridge, or a hammock can make the space more inviting. Instead of using it as a storage space, you can turn it into your sanctuary. You can also choose to add a full room or a second floor to serve as another guest room.

Keep the regulations and safety standards for residential docks in mind, though.

Worthwhile Investment

Visual impact is a big reason waterfront residences are expensive. Accessibility to the water likewise increases the aesthetic and resale value of the property. Therefore, waterfront properties can sell at double the price of houses located farther from the water.

Investing in private docks, decks, and boathouses should further supplement the value of your home. If you aren’t going to be living there full-time, these amenities also raise your chances of renting out the house, especially during the summer season.

The appearances of private docks have improved much from the traditional long walkway. With the help of a trusted contractor, you can customize your private dock to maximize its use according to your lifestyle.