Making Your Wooden Stairs Safer

Interior of house with wooden stairs

Over-polished or worn out wooden stairs are extremely dangerous, especially for children and the elderly. When you consider that there are several ways to improve the safety of these stairs, you realise that it is possible to reduce the risks of accidents and deaths.

Learn the things many homeowners do to enhance the safety of their wooden stairs in New Zealand.

Non-Slip Coating

Non-slip coatings are available in coloured and clear forms, which can be applied on wooden stairs. These options allow you to either maintain the original appearance or introduce another one. The idea is to add traction to the steps to reduce the risks of slips, especially when the surface is wet.

Non-Slip Tape

Abrasive tapes are extremely popular when it comes to making wooden stairs safer. As these are available in the stores, they are a cost-effective and fast way to avoid accidents at home. Simply buy a roll or two and apply it to the steps.


Go for this option if you are not worried about the stair losing its wooden allure. Fortunately, modern designs allow you to use strip-like carpets on the steps only, meaning you can retain the original look of the wood to an extent. While these strips can be costly, they will save you a great deal of trouble.


If you are looking for something more maintenance-free than a carpet but with almost similar attributes, go for rubber. This solution combines durability with ease of cleaning. However, it does not carry the appeal of a carpet or the original wooden stairs.

Wooden stairs should be appealing, but not at the expense of safety. The market offers solutions that have a commendable balance of both features. Ask a reputable home renovation professional for ideas to further enhance the safety of your stairs today.