How to Set a Date for Moving House: Crucial Considerations

Happy family moving in a new home

Among the many priorities when preparing for a move is setting your moving date. Other than knowing how much time you have for organizing and preparing until the moving day, having a set date is likewise vital for coordinating with your chosen van lines moving company.

But is there really the best time for moving out?

Factors to Consider When Setting a Moving Date

Depending on your situation, you might not have a choice when setting a date due to certain circumstances that are out of your control. These circumstances could include selling your house, starting a new job in another location, the end of your rental agreement (if you’re renting your home), or a change in your marital status. Otherwise, you have the power to set your relocation date.

Best Time to Move

In general, it’s not recommended to move prior to major holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, or planned vacations because your scheduled move would inevitably cause stress and shift the attention and focus away from the celebrations. With this in mind, it’s best to set your moving date after planned vacations and major events. Likewise, if you have kids, you need to consider how your moving date would affect their schooling. Would you let them finish the school year or have them transfer to another school in the middle of the school year?

Most people schedule their move in the summertime because of the great weather and more free time (especially if you have children). However, this also means higher rates and fewer options for movers since it’s the peak season for moving. However, setting your moving date in the off-season or during winter, for example, would allow you to access lower rates and choose among different movers, but you need to prepare for unpredictable weather conditions.

When figuring out the best moving date for you and your family, you should base your decision on your specific circumstances because what seems like the perfect moving date for you might not be the best time for someone else and vice versa. So, keep your priorities in mind, but be sure to follow the recommendations above.