Home Extensions: When Relocation Is Not an Option

a house with extensionOne of the obvious solutions when your family needs more space would be to move to a bigger house. However, work and school as well as schedules and lifestyles can make it difficult to do so. Another possible alternative is adding extensions or rooms to your home. You can start with these essential suggestions for additional living space:

Extra Room

One of the basic home extensions that can be built is an extra room. The cheaper alternative to knocking down walls is to put up dividers to split large spaces in your house or add a wall inside any of your bigger rooms. To furnish these new spaces, it is best to find usable and tasteful refurbished items such as Hans Olsen tables and chairs.


Covered and open-air spaces such as patios and decks can easily be constructed and attached to your home. You can either buy a DIY kit for more affordable options or hire reputable builders to create and install them for you. Your patio can be designed to be a lounge or family area that you can use for relaxation, for recreation, and even for receiving guests. Setting up a garden right beside it or around it can complete the soothing look and feel of this added area.


Usually built for garden tools but not restricted to them anymore, sheds are mini-houses that you can put up if your lot is big enough. You can choose to incorporate a basic bedroom and bathroom into its layout, or a full house design including a kitchenette and a dining area. When not used as living space, you can use it as a personal office or even as a rental unit.

Choosing any of these possible additions to your home can bring your family a lot more comfort without having to move to another house. Aside from that, these can also add to your property’s value. You might spend some money and time building them, but you can always consider them as worthy investments for your home and family.