Event Planning: Top 3 Factors to Consider

Couple talking to an event planner

As an event planner, you know that every event you plan ought to be perfect and in line with the client’s expectations. Any miscalculation will not only have negative financial implications but may also cause your brand to suffer.

That is why a substantial amount of planning and preparation is needed for it to be successful. The good news is as much as the events are for different occasions, the requirements are almost similar. Here are the main factors you should consider when planning for an event.

Service providers

The service providers you choose can make or break your event. The worst thing, however, is once the event goes down as poorly planned and organised, it is your brand as the event organiser that goes down and not the respective service providers. So, be careful when choosing your service providers, from the company you hire event lighting equipment from, design and visual, PR and marketing, security, and caterers, to sound providers. Make sure to engage trusted names who come with high recommendations.


The location you choose should not just be easily accessible, but it should also be convenient for all the attendees. Choose a place that will not have travel restrictions. It is also worth knowing the kind of entertainment you anticipate to have. This is because some venues have specific rules on certain types of entertainment.


If you have planned for an event before, then you know that it can be pricey, especially since additional expenses can quickly add up. To avoid having a financial crisis where all your funds are exhausted and you are only halfway through the preparations, establish your budget. Consider all the expected costs and have an allowance for miscellaneous expenses.

A successful event will not only put a stamp on your excellent reputation, but it will have a positive effect on your self-confidence as an event planner as well. With the above guide, you will be on the right path towards your next successful event.