Basic Pool Care for Every Season

Pool with jacuzzi

Pool maintenance varies per season. As the climate changes, so do the factors that affect your pool’s water and overall state. Swimming pool repair experts in Salt Lake City share some ways you can ensure excellent pool condition, no matter what the season is.

Winter maintenance: Closing the pool

Cover your pool to keep debris from getting into the water. Keeping your pool free of debris during the winter makes it much easier to clean it when it’s time to open the pool again.

Leftover water can freeze the pipes, so make sure to drain pipes and check motorized parts. However, do not completely empty your pool. Once the weather gets warmer, soil conditions underneath changes and can pop the pool out of place. In this case, the pool will have to be completely replaced.

Spring and summer maintenance: Opening and maintaining the pool

Prepare your pool once the water starts to thaw in the spring by adding chlorine to it. Vacuum any debris at the bottom of the pool once you’ve opened it.

If your pool has turned green at this time, ensure your filters are working properly to optimize filtration process and closely monitor the water condition.

Regularly maintain your pool throughout the summer by skimming the water surface, keeping the filters clean and testing PH levels once a month and chemicals in the water periodically.

Fall maintenance: Preparing to close the pool

Inspect the pool for any repairs needed before the winter starts. Repairs or renovations are best scheduled during the fall towards the end of the season.

Once the repairs and renovations are completed, prepare your pool for winterization by adding chlorine and algaecide to slow down any algae or bacterial growth in your water during winter.

Keep in mind that there is no perfect way to keep the pool water clean through the different seasons. But with good preparation practices and housekeeping, you can be sure your pool remains in good shape and is ready for use once the suntan season hits.