Awesome Home Designs You Can Have Your Architect Do for You

Home stair design

From Mediterranean homes to log house abodes, home styles have always borrowed from aspects of society. The log home, for example, originated from the 1600s’ small cabins that had no nails. Nowadays, log homes are excellent in a rural area, giving a rustic feel to the surrounding.

When you seek an architecture firm in London to design you a home, knowing different styles of homes will help you speed up the process. You can name a style you like and explain the specifics of your tastes. The architect will decide how to make what you want practical. The following are three home styles you can consider:

The Contemporary Home

Modern architecture is different from contemporary, contrary to many people’s beliefs. Contemporary refers to building techniques of a wide range of appearances and designs. However, the indoors and the outdoors are always connected. Additionally, a contemporary home will zoom in on the sustainability of the building materials and energy efficiency.

Mid-Century Modern Style

These designs are made with new mindsets and ideas but are an improvement of architecture that flourished in the 1940s to 1980s. They are characterised by large glass windows, plenty of open space and flat planes that integrate seamlessly with nature. Materials used in construction vary anywhere from steel to plywood.

The Neoclassical Home

A neoclassical home style reflects Rome and Greece architecture. The technique was first popularised in the 20th century with government buildings and schools. Nowadays, houses are built in this style, and they exude wealth. The style embodies tall columns, evenly spaced windows, symmetry and elaborate doorways.

Some styles are better suited for some areas than others. An architect can advise on the issue. However, even when it is impossible to implement the form you want into your home, you can liaise with the professional, to borrow aspects of another more suitable style to make the home of your dreams.