A Little Spring Cleaning: Getting Your Lawn Ready

Cleaning has never been a great chore, at least that what most people believe. As children, we made all sorts of excuses so that we could skip on cleaning. That is one thing; spring-cleaning is another.

Cleaning inside your home is already a big activity in itself; spring-cleaning in your yard or lawn is an entirely different thing.

Why Clean?

It is a good question to ask when you look outside and, despite the fallen leaves and all, your yard –backyard, lawn, or both – still looks fine. If it seems like a mini-forest, however, you should break out the tools and get to work on it.

If cleaning is not fun for you, you can make it enjoyable. There are games you can incorporate into the chore, activities to liven it up, or materials to use to add a little spice to the cleaning. However, you can only do so much – it is really how you break it down that matters.

Focus on the Task

Here are a few things you might want to check on your list:

Taken out the trash?  Depending on what part of your home you clean, there are things to remove; for trees, you can call tree stump removal services in Tauranga (or where you live), or you can just do it yourself, if you’re confident.

Sometimes, these tree stump removal here in Tauranga for residents or your neighbours – depending on where you live –has a package to take care of dead leaves, dead trees, and even trimming and pruning your plants.

Re-model.  Once you have gotten started on the trees and dead plants, your project is starting to take shape. You can go further and plan on what plants to keep or remove. It is entirely up to you whether the plants or trees you keep fit into the look you are going after.

Get started!  When should you get started on this project? Any time soon is great! As long as the weather is nice and cool, you can begin with planting or re-planting.

Getting your desired look even early or late in the year begins by keeping a vision in mind and, more importantly, starting to work on your garden as soon as you can.