5 Things to Ensure in Your Security Door’s Features

Broken Door knob, Lock and Hinge

With time, security doors are still penetrable especially if they are not installed properly or lack security features. Here is how you can know if your security door will serve you well and for a long time.

Custom Design

A professional installer can skillfully install custom-made security doors. If you choose to do it yourself, you will need a lot of precision to ensure the door swing and latches securely into its hinges. If you do not qualify to do this, you will need a professional. Many companies, such as Kings Security Doors, offer security door installation in Melbourne.


A security door can have a steel or aluminium frame. The frame edge should not be too loose. If not, anyone can push it out effortlessly. This is where a deep receiver channel for the grille comes in. It ensures safety even when an intruder tries to break the door. Additionally, remember to fully weld the corner joints for maximum security.

Doors that have steel or aluminium frames are more secure. You can have them galvanised and powder coated to ensure that they don’t rust. Noncorrosive doors last longer and offer better security.


The grille cords should be thick and securely fixed to the door frame. Screw clamps hold the mesh in place and are better as compared with plastic cramps. Although, plastic can reduce the risk of corrosion.


The best locks on a security door are those with a five-pin cylinder. A three-point lock can prevent an intruder from wrenching the door as the force will spread evenly on the surface. To save you from the hassle that comes with a broken door or lock, buy a lock that has a warranty. There are locks on the market that will offer you 25 years of warranty.


Security doors should have a minimum of three hinges. You should affix with removable pins made of steel and welded rather than pressed on the door.

Ensure you install the door frame, grilles, locks, and hinges well on your custom-made security door. It is advisable to seek the help of a professional installer to do it for you.