4 Tips When Moving with Kids

a family with a child in front of their new home

Have you and your spouse decided that moving to a far place is the best way to raise your family? You may have your own reasons for moving and whatever those are, the whole process of gathering your things and settling into a new environment can get so overwhelming that you forget about how your kids feel about the move. Colonial Van Lines believes that a moving process should be streamlined. That’s one way to keep your move organized and to give yourself more time to help the kids understand what’s going on.

Here are 4 ways to handle a long-distance move with your kids

1. Have a family meeting some months before the move

A permanent move always needs to be planned, way ahead of time, especially if you have kids in the family who are at an age that they realize what’s going on. Gather the kids in a relaxed setting and announce your plans. Let them know why you’re moving and that it’s a decision that will benefit the family.

2. Stay open with your kids

If you have teenage kids, they are the ones who may not understand the decision to move. They’ll be thinking about the friends they have to leave and the world they’ve created for themselves in your current place of residence. Let them voice out their opinions about it but stay firm and calm while explaining to them that the move must happen.

3. Choose the right time for your move

Scheduling your move at the right time is important. You want to make sure to honor prior commitments – even the ones involving your children. Sort schedules out with their school, for instance, and give them time to say goodbye to their friends.

4. Stay positive

The process may be stressful at times but staying positive for the kids will also help them stay positive about the situation.

Always keep your end goal in mind – to have a happy life with your family no matter where you are. This is a big step for your family, so make sure you have everything planned out without jeopardizing your attention to your kids.