10 Easy Ways to Improve Home Security

Key Inserted in Door's Keyhole

In 2015, 164 cases of burglary were unsolved each day in New Zealand. This figure was part of the total 59,845 burglary cases recorded that year. In 2017, authorities said a burglary happened every seven minutes. Statistics before and today prove only one point, and that is burglary in the country is widespread.

The alarming rate of burglary each day is more than enough reason to ensure home security. Here are some tips to avoid house break-ins.

1. Find your home’s weak spots

Walk around your home’s exterior and take note of areas that seem to be a good entry point for thieves. You may also ask the local police to do a home assessment to better determine to weak spots of your home.

2. Trim shrubbery on a regular basis

Thick bushes and shrubbery will serve as hiding places for thieves.

3. Don’t leave properties in the yard

Don’t leave your bikes, the grill, and other things that would attract thieves in the yard. Make sure to keep them when not in use.

4. Build a fence

A fence is a good way to limit unwanted people from intruding. Go for light fencing materials connected to concrete. Solid materials may even make it easy for thieves to climb and get into your property. If you choose a solid fence though, you can install barbed wire or pointed objects on top for protection.

5. Lock the doors and windows

This is a must especially when everyone is out. An open window is attractive to a burglar’s eye, and so are all unsecured entry points.

6. Invest in lighting with motion sensors

Lights with motion sensors help deter thieves and alert you when an intruder steps into your property. It’s best to place these lights in dark, hidden areas.

7. Make sure the house is well lit outside

In addition to motion sensors, there should be sufficient lighting outside, particularly at entry points and parking area.

8. Don’t leave spare keys outside

And don’t label your keys. This will make the thieves celebrate in case they find your keys beneath the doormat or under the flowerpot.

9. Work on your home’s privacy

Use curtains or blinds on windows or install privacy film on glass doors and windows.

10. Invest in a home security system

A home security system may be expensive, but it’s one of the wisest investments you could have for protection against burglary. There are many types of home security systems, some even with multiple security features.

These are just some of the easy yet effective ways to ensure home security. Following these things, installing a home security system and being vigilant at all times should maximise your home’s protection against unwanted visitors.