Why You Need Braces and the Types Suited to Your Teeth

Braces are more than just for aesthetics. People wear them for oral health reasons too. Children are best suited for braces since their jawbones and mouth tissues are still malleable. There are also different kinds of braces that fit your teeth.

In places like Fredericksburg, an orthodontist can help patients have straighter and stronger teeth. Orthodontists are dental professionals who are the only ones allowed to install these items. Are you a candidate for braces?

Here are the reasons you would need them.

1. To Address Overcrowding

This is a condition when your mouth couldn’t accommodate all the teeth. If you do not address this condition, you’re bound to get crooked teeth.

2. To Reduce Overbite

This is a condition where your upper teeth stick out over your bottom teeth. You’re likely to expose your front teeth to injuries if you don’t correct the situation.

3. To Correct Crossbite

Here, the lower tooth is in front of the upper tooth. Without braces, both of your teeth may suffer from excessive wear. There’s a danger of your gum receding around the affected teeth.

4. To Fix Underbite

This is more severe than crossbite since all the lower front teeth are in front of your upper front teeth. This gives you face an unnatural look, makes you look older, and makes biting as well as chewing difficult.

5. To Address Openbite

It’s a condition where your front teeth don’t touch. This makes it difficult to bite and causes speech problems.

Different Types of Braces

1. Steel Type

This is the first kind of brace used to correct the alignment of teeth, and it’s still widely used today. The braces interlink with slim archwires that force the teeth to move into the correct position.

2. Ceramic Type

The ceramic brace is popular among adults since it’s less visible than most braces. Unfortunately, the discoloration of the elastics can cause marks on your teeth.

3. Damon Type

You will like this type of brace since its pressure is less painful and trips to the orthodontist for adjustments are fewer.

4. Aligners

They look like mouth guards, and you can have them customized for your teeth. You have to change them every two weeks until your teeth are fully adjusted.

Braces are important to improve your oral health and teeth appearance. This dental implement is used to correct overcrowding, overbite, underbite, crossbite, and openbite. There are also different types of braces available today, from the traditional to the latest design.

Consult a dentist to see how you can improve your smile and oral health with braces.