Thyroid Health Matters: Wellness Tips and Necessary Lifestyle Changes

a woman feeling good of herselfA thyroid test that reveals problems with the gland that regulates many bodily functions should compel you to be more health-conscious. A poorly functioning thyroid will manifest with a variety of symptoms including mental, gastrointestinal, and metabolic signs.

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When the thyroid gland is not functioning well

Gaining weight and feeling sluggish sums up the changes in the body due to low thyroid hormones, while losing weight and feeling as is running a marathon all the time are good descriptors of increased thyroid hormone levels.

You have to play an active part in achieving a steady state and a more stable bill of health by changing certain aspects of your lifestyle.

Food consumption

Drinking soymilk may be ideal for some, but you must remove this from your list of everyday staples if you have thyroid dysfunction. Processed foods are discouraged as well, and artificial sweeteners are not advisable.

Meanwhile, contrary to popular belief, persons with thyroid problems can benefit from including root vegetables in their diet. Make it a habit to shop from local farmers, and to choose ingredients that are in season. Fresh produce from reliable sources is the ideal composition of your daily meals.

If you are unsure what to eat, consult with a dietician or nutritionist. Speak with your primary physician about your nutritional needs as well as the potential benefits of supplemental iodine in your particular case.

Stress management

Stress management can improve thyroid health as well. Chronic stress stimulates the release of large amounts of the hormone cortisol, which further disrupts the capability of thyroid receptors to respond. This could lead to additional problems concerning other endocrine glands and critical organs.

Once you have a thyroid problem, you must play a proactive role in your health and well-being. For your own benefit, pay attention to the food you eat and reduce chronic stress in your life.