Needle in a haystack, or wood for the trees?

Dentist with team working on the background

London is a huge city, brimming with choice. It can be overwhelming when people first move there and need to start finding good services and health professionals. Even finding the right dentist in Ealing means looking at a long list of candidates. It can be hard to know where to start and the temptation might be to just pick one at random.

So, when trawling through the list of clinics, to find a suitable dentist in Ealing, such as Ikon Dental Suite, what sort of criteria should one judging them against? Here are a few tips to help with an online search from which to draw up a short list of clinics to visit and suss out in person.


Dentists get better the longer they are in practice, so it’s good to check out the education, training and work history of the various dentists at the clinic. This is easily done by putting their General Dental Council number, which is under each dental professional’s picture on the clinic website, into the GDC website to check them out.

What kind of dentistry?

Some dental clinics offer only general dentistry, while others will have dentists who have undergone further training in various aspects of dentistry, such as dental surgery, or children’s dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, braces and gum disease. If there are such dentists in the clinic, it might also be a clinic to which general dentists refer their patients for more focussed treatment.

Where is it?

A convenient location is always good. Is there parking? Is the dentist in Ealing near the Tube or a bus stop?

What about being scared of the dentist?

Dentist often receive extra training in treating nervous patients. Most offer sedation of some sort, and others go even further and offer distractions such as TV, music and even holistic treatments such as clinical hypnotherapy.

What’s the clinic like inside?

Most clinics have virtual tours on their websites so that patients can get a feel for the place before they come for their first appointment.

What’s next?

Visit the clinics, see how friendly the staff are, if the place feels relaxing and welcoming, maybe even meet the dentists.