Lifestyle Changes with Invisalign in Clapham

Woman holding two invisalign

Many people feel that they need to compromise to fit a long-term dental treatment into their lives. While this is true, it often takes less effort or inconvenience than they might think when they choose something like Invisalign in Clapham.

Making assumptions about modern dental procedures, like teeth straightening, can lead to a person not going ahead with a treatment that they really want. It’s always worth checking in with someone who provides options such as Invisalign in Clapham, like Clapham South Dental Centre. They can go through all the aspects of treatment with the patient so that they get a clear and accurate overview of the lifestyle changes that come with the process.

Minimal change

The truth is that there are minimal changes that need to be made when someone chooses Invisalign in Clapham. The major change is that, at the end of treatment, their teeth will be well-aligned and potentially healthier. During treatment, they won’t even have equipment fixed to their teeth. During their first visit to the dentist, they will be measured and scanned to gather the data required to make their Invisalign aligners. When they come back for their next visit, they will receive the equipment they need along with a set of instructions – and that’s it!

At home, the patient needs to wear each aligner for the vast majority of each day and night. While they may be aware of the aligner at first, this sensation should gradually fade into the background. As the equipment has a low visual impact, they may even forget from time to time that they are wearing anything at all.

The only significant change to their routine includes an increase in dental hygiene. They need to remove each aligner to eat and replace it after each meal. In between, the teeth need to be thoroughly cleaned so that food does not end up trapped between the aligner and the teeth. This is bad for dental hygiene and can cause bad breath. It can also affect the transparency of the aligner. The good news about this whole process is that it means that the patient’s food choices are not restricted at all.