How To Prevent Tooth Decay

tooth decay evident on a patient's mouth

Tooth decay is a common problem among the young children and adults. If you do not take care of your teeth, it is highly likely that you will develop cavities at any point in life. Here are some tips on preventing tooth decay for everyone in the family.

Brushing and flossing the teeth every day

One basic step for cavity prevention is brushing the teeth twice a day. Flossing helps dislodge food particles stuck between the teeth. Consider using fluoride toothpaste for your brushing.

Get a regular oral checkup

It is important that you visit a dental clinic every six months for a checkup. Smile Designs Dentistry in Manteca, CA suggests this, as the dentist can help prevent cavities from getting worse. They treat other oral issues, and they also professionally clean your teeth. Moreover, you will get advice on how best to take care of your teeth.

Use a mouthwash

Fluoride-based mouthwash reaches deep into the gum line and cleans away the bacteria and plaque. It also rinses away any food particles that might have been left behind. This way, there are no sugars left in the mouth which can cause cavities.

Eat balanced diet and cut down the intake of sugary foods

A balanced diet strengthens the body as well as your gums and teeth. Sugary foods stick on your teeth and play a huge role in the formation of plaque. Eat them in moderation and clean your teeth after taking them.

Consider protective sealants

A protective sealant is a plastic coating applied on to the chewing surface to cut the risk of decay. Talk to your dentist about having them applied to your molars.

Tooth decay can lead to loss of teeth and other related problems. Take special care of your teeth and report any discoloration to the dentist. Cavities can also be prevented and reversed in some cases. However, proper care is what prevents them from coming back.