Healthy Teeth and Gums: Lower Risks of Major Health Problems

Dental patient having a checkup

Did you know that studies show possibilities that people’s oral health can either lower or increase the risks of developing systemic disease? Researchers continue to explore the link between a healthy mouth and major health problems, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and stroke.

Indeed, having a more beautiful smile and stronger teeth with lower chances of premature loss are already good enough reasons to do what you can for better oral health.

However, these possibilities, as Dental Health Care Center’s Bloomington dentists point out, should serve an even greater incentive.

The health of your mouth and the health of your heart

Researchers have discovered that periodontal disease sufferers are two times more likely to suffer from heart disease. And this risk goes up even more for people with high cholesterol. This then tells you that your mouth may just show how likely it is for you to have heart disease.

In other words, having gingivitis and periodontitis means that you may end up suffering from cardiovascular problems. On the other hand, having healthy teeth and gums not only minimizes your chances of experiencing painful oral health issues but also of heart issues.

Warding off medical disorders with proper oral health care practices

You already know of the importance of brushing regularly. Here’s another incentive to floss just as regularly too: it can help you ward off not only cardiovascular diseases but diabetes and stroke too. Several studies have pointed to this unmistakable truth.

Always keep in mind that the mouth contains millions of bacteria, and paying them no attention can result in their gaining access to other parts of your body. So, as early as now, make the right lifestyle changes, show your teeth and gums more deserved attention, and make sure you pay your dentist regular visits.