Growing Old Gracefully

Elderly woman smiling

No one wants to think about old age before they get there. No one wants to face the reality that, as our bodies grow older, they slow down, things don’t work as they used to, and some parts leave all together. Take teeth for example. For young children, these are throwaway body parts that they know are going to grow back. By the time adolescence hits, we’ve got teeth for life, and either we look after them or they leave us.

However, someone may be a super diligent brusher and flosser and still lose a tooth or two. Accident, injury, genetics and illness all play their part in oral health and in how many pearly whites make it all the way to our last moments. And while modern dentistry is highly focused on prevention and teeth for life, it wasn’t always this way. People reaching senior age now didn’t get the same level of dental education as children as today’s youngsters, so may be facing a future of dentures. The important thing for local seniors is to find a dental practice with a track record of producing and fitting dentures in Richmond, as with these dental restorations, it’s all about the fit. Surgeries that focus on teeth replacements, such as Sheen Dental Implants, are a great place to start.

In Richmond, dentures are still a cost-effective way to replace a full set of lost teeth. While the common image of unsightly false teeth that fall out the mouth and embarrass the wearer may linger in the memory, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Implant-retained dentures in Richmond are fixed to dental implants in the jaw. This means that they don’t slip and slide around in the mouth, don’t affect speech and don’t rely on the ever-receding gums for suction. They also offer much improved chewing power, putting nutritious and tasty foods back on the menu, such as apples, roast potatoes and nuts.

Patients can either have their existing dentures customised to fit onto the implants, or have a new set made. And they can keep the dentures removable if they wish, for ease of cleaning, or have them solidly fixed in place.