Dental Implants: How Long Can You Expect Them to Last?

Dentist cleaning patient's teeth

As the superior choice for tooth replacement, dental implants can last a lifetime when properly cared for. This is not the case for conventional options like dentures, which may need replacement or updating after a few years.

Caring for implants is also so simple, as all you have to do is treat them as you would your natural teeth.

Implants Need Time

In the weeks or months after the implant, you should not experience difficulties with eating or speaking. Keep in mind, however, that you may not be able to use your new teeth immediately. Your dentist will give you temporary dentures or bridges until the implants have finally fused with your jawbone.

After this, he or she will remove the temporary replacements, and you will be able to enjoy your new teeth.

Making Implants Last

It is important to note that the new implants are prone to gum diseases and trauma just like your natural teeth. Dental implant dentists in Medford, MA say that the keys to making them last are proper home care and regular professional maintenance.

You need to see the dentist as advised for checkups and cleanings. Your implants will also require an x-ray examination annually.

Additional Care Tips

Apart from proper care, you can also make your new teeth last lifetime by quitting poor habits like using your teeth as tools or for biting nails. The same is also true for using abrasive toothpaste or hard-bristled toothbrush.

You should also wear a mouth guard if you play sports and a night guard if you grind your teeth.

If you’re considering implants and wondering about the cost, it is difficult to provide an estimate without a consultation. This is because the price will depend on how many implants you need and how extensive the procedure is likely to be.

They are more expensive than traditional bridges and dentures, but their rewards are incomparable. Implants can let you enjoy a natural-looking replacement that can last a lifetime.