Clear and Simple Solutions

Woman wearing clear braces

Most adults who are thinking about getting their teeth straightened don’t want to spend several months, maybe even longer, looking like an adolescent, which is why the benefits of clear braces in Buckinghamshire are so popular.

Clear braces in Buckinghamshire are the next step on from traditional heavy-duty train track braces that are forever associated with teen movies and that painful rite of passage through puberty. They are not a good look for an office manager, or traffic warden, or anyone over the age of about 17, to be honest.

Thankfully, this kind of device is only really necessary for teens with bite alignment issues, where the jaw has to be moved as well as the teeth, or very complicated tooth alignment issues. That’s not what most people have.

An easier job

Most patients seeking treatment with clear braces in Buckinghamshire have mildly wonky problems with their front six social teeth. These are the teeth that are most on display when we talk. They are easier to move because they only have one root. This means they don’t need as much force to shift them in the jawbone, and therefore the devices used to straighten them can be made of finer materials and smaller in size.

One such device is made by a company called Six Month Smiles. As the name suggests, the average treatment time is only six months. This device is based on the tried and tested mechanics of the bracket and wire braces system, but, because it is only moving the front six teeth, it is much more discreet to look at.

With much gentler forces required, the brackets can be made of clear ceramic rather than metal, and they are strung together with finer nickel titanium wire that is coated in a tooth-coloured material. Together, the brackets and wires blend in with the patient’s teeth rather than dominating them.

After treatment is complete, the patient will need to wear a retainer for several months to hold their teeth in place while they settle down. Without a retainer, the teeth can tend to wander out of position. Retainers can be bonded to the teeth, or worn overnight.