Be Beautiful Inside and Out

Woman smiling on a dentist chair

Having a great smile is something nearly everyone wants if they don’t have one already. And in the 21st century, it is also something that almost everyone can have, thanks to the cosmetic dentist in Southampton.

The cosmetic dentist in Southampton has a focus on making teeth and smiles look their best. The dentist can only work with teeth that are already in good health, so patients who want cosmetic work must be prepared to deal with any oral health issues first. Good dentists, such as those at Smilemakers, will be able to advise on both general and cosmetic dentistry.

If the patient gets the go-ahead from the cosmetic dentist in Southampton, there is a wide range of treatments to choose from. Generally speaking, their aim is to improve the colour of the teeth, or their shape, or their position, or to repair damage to them. It is also possible to have cosmetic dentistry work on the gums to fix what is known as a gummy smile.


If the teeth have surface stains from things like drinking tea, coffee or red wine, or eating highly pigmented foods such as berries, teeth whitening can remove these stains. This can be done very quickly at most clinics, or more slowly over a couple of weeks with a take-home whitening kit. It is not a permanent treatment, so people often have top-up treatments when the white starts to fade.

For discolouration that is within the tooth rather than surface stains, most dentists use veneers.


There are various cosmetic braces systems available to align teeth that are wonky but are not so badly out of alignment so as to affect people’s health. They often work only on the front, most visible teeth, and treatment times vary from a few weeks to 18 months.

Shape, Size, Damage

Veneers and cosmetic bonding are 2 treatments that are used to cover over damage such as worn edges, chips and cracks. They can also be used to make slightly wonky teeth appear aligned or to make gappy teeth appear larger.

Treatments with the cosmetic dentist in Southampton can be done one at a time, or in combination for a full smile makeover.