An Alternative Approach to Traditional Orthodontics in Erskineville

three dentists examining an x-ray

Regardless of age, the decision to undergo teeth straightening treatment can become easier once patients are informed of all the treatments available. Gone were the days when metal braces were the only option for achieving a straighter, healthier set of teeth. Depending on the needs of individual patients as well as their lifestyle, alternative orthodontics can provide quick and effective treatments.

Traditional braces are a viable option for adults who wish to straighten their teeth, but fixed metal braces require a significant commitment to the treatment process. Orthodontics in Erskineville is effective at treating different types of dental issues discreetly. After assessing the state of the teeth of a patient, a dentist such as Healthy Smile Centre, will offer advice on the best teeth straightening treatment possible.

Innovative Treatment Options

Innovative treatment options for adults in need of orthodontics in Erskineville include Damon braces and clear aligners. Moreover, patients who wish to look younger and soften the signs of ageing can opt for a ‘bracelift’ with the Damon system, a teeth straightening treatment that will not only straighten their teeth but will also affect their facial bones and soft tissues.

Unlike traditional braces that remain in place throughout treatment, clear aligners can be removed at any time to eat, drink and brush the teeth.

Are Alternative Braces the Future of Orthodontics in Erskineville?

Although fixed metal braces are still used by many dentists and are a great choice for patients with severe teeth alignment issues, other more discreet and less time-consuming treatments have risen in popularity in recent years for milder cases of misalignment. Patients who wish to find out which of these options would be the best for their individual situation should book a consultation appointment with an orthodontist in Erskineville.

Finding the right orthodontist is essential as despite treatments being faster, they still take weeks or months, which means repeated appointments with the orthodontist. It is important for patients to take some time and consider their options before choosing an orthodontist that they trust and get along with. Once the decision is made, booking a consultation appointment is the first step towards a healthier smile.